Commercial Loans

Work First Capital provides the funding you need to grow your business.  We provide loans between $350,000 and $10 million in three segments:

  1. Asset-Based Lending
  2. Commercial Mortgages
  3. Sale/Leaseback

Asset-Based Lending

Asset-Based Lending is ideal for firms who want to unlock the value of their assets.  A collateral backed loan is a terrific option for borrowers in seasonal or cyclical industries, those with relatively high financial leverage, or inconsistent cash flow.

Is an Asset-Based Lending solution right for your company?

Work First Capital’s asset based loans are ideal for financing the following:

  • Seasonal or Cyclical Borrowing
  • Turnaround Situations Including Recapitalizations and Restructurings
  • General Working Capital Needs
  • Financing Growth
  • Management Buyouts
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

All of our Asset-Based Loans are customized to meet your specific business needs. We are able to help companies in many industries including wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, retail and services.

Commercial Mortgage Loans

Work First has been in the commercial mortgage lending business for nearly 10 years. We invest in completed properties in the western United States with an emphasis on the states of Utah, Oregon and Idaho.

We focus on projects between $350,000 and $10 million, with a majority between $500,000 to $3 million. Examples of eligible properties include:

  • Retail
  • Light industrial/warehouse​
  • Office
  • Multifamily
  • Single tenant and owner occupied
  • Non-owner occupied investment property


Work First is a leader in providing working capital to businesses through the utilization of a sale and leaseback of a company’s asset(s).

A sale/leaseback is a transaction in which the business sells Work First an asset, most often real estate, and then leases it back. In this way the sale/leaseback functions as a loan, with payments taking the form of rent.

In today’s tough lending environment, businesses are increasingly turning to sale/leasebacks to provide the capital needed to grow.  In most cases, Work First gives the lessee the option to buy the asset back at the end of the lease.

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