Indemnity Ratio: The Key to Hacking Your Experience Modifier

You might be wondering what the heck an “indemnity ratio” is and why you should care. Well, if you care about reducing your workers’ compensation insurance premium, then you will want to become familiar with your indemnity ratio because it is one of the secret keys to reducing your experience modifier and therefore reducing the premium you pay. If you aren’t familiar with measuring your indemnity ratio, then this whitepaper is for you. In this exclusive Work First Casualty report we begin by defining how to calculate an indemnity ratio, then discuss why it is important, share some the very best practices for reducing your indemnity ratio, and conclude with an appendix that includes the actual job descriptions and physician letters that we provide to our insureds. The average Work First customer has seen an 11% reduction in their experience modifier in their time with us. The secrets in this white paper are one of the key reasons why our customers lower their experience modifiers and ultimately their cost for workers’ compensation.

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