Claims Management

The Work First claims team doesn’t just process your claims – we help lower the number of claims. When a claim does happen, we strive to return the employee back to their job quickly and at the lowest cost possible.  

Hi, I’m Debbie Nowak, Vice President of Claims and Loss Prevention. My job is to make sure that Work First does everything possible to reduce the number of claims.  And, in the event that a claim happens, we pledge to do our very best to keep the cost to a minimum.  Let me share with you how we produce a 20 percent lower claims cost, a 25 percent better claim closure rate, and 23 percent fewer days off work than our peers.

Loss Prevention

We believe that the only good claim is the one that never happens, and have developed loss prevention programs that are specific to the staffing and healthcare industries.  Our loss prevention philosophy is anchored by our proprietary Incidence Rate Reduction Program that has been forged over many years of actual industry experience.  We complement this proprietary, industry-specific program with direct access to a loss prevention specialist assigned to each insured establishment that provides access to our wide range of ready-made, or custom-made safety materials.

Claims Management

Work First provides an industry-leading claims service with our Three Level Claims Management System.

Level One: The first level of the system is our partnership with Broadspire Services as Third Party Claims Administrator.  Experienced adjusters, who maintain a claims load 12% less than industry average, thoroughly investigate each claim and manage the day-to-day communication and administration of the claim.

Level Two: The second level consists of Work First’s team of Claims Specialists.  Our Specialists provide aggressive oversight of all claims.  They have the time to analyze claim data to spot trends and make recommendations to address adverse trends.  They also assist in developing or improving return to work programs which helps to reduce the number of “lost time claims” and improve experience modifiers.

Level Three: The final level is the Work First executive team who consults on the toughest claims and ensure that the very best attorneys, nurse case managers and surveillance experts are deployed.

Risk Management Information System

Work First provides all insureds access to an RMIS system for no additional cost.  This online system allows 24/7 access to claim information including adjuster notes and expense details.  It also allows for online reporting of claims and provides the on-demand access to loss runs. Like all of the services provided by Work First, this system is customized to provide information important to the staffing and healthcare industries. Better information allows for better collaboration between Work First and the risk management teams at the insured and broker level to better manage claims and ensure the very best outcomes possible.