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Strength through Adversity.

Success doesn’t just happen. It took a long time to get from where we were to where we are now. Officially, we were founded in 2005. However, our roots take us back to 1985. Back then we were nothing more than a small Oregon-based staffing company. We weren’t even in insurance. We faced a problem that could have potentially driven us out of business.

Injuries sustained by our staff were driving our insurance rates for workers’ compensation through the roof. Either we figured out how to manage workers’ compensation, or our doors would close. We needed to begin by figuring out a way to reduce both the frequency and severity of employee injuries. We needed to craft an extraordinarily effective loss prevention program.

This new program had to be strong enough to allow us to assume most of our workers’ compensation risk. Shortly after the program was implemented, we knew it was the beginning of a foundation that would turn the company around.

What may have started as a single small office grew in power and strength to over 130 offices and enjoying nearly $400 million in annual sales. We covered 25 states and one Canadian province.

At this point, we were still a staffing company. We remained a strong player in the industry because of our workers’ compensation program. We reduced the risk to our insurance company by maintaining policies with high deductibles – our deductible was $1 million. That meant for every claim we paid the first $1 million.

The growing problem we faced with our willingness to assume this amount of risk had to do with posting ever-increasing letters of credit. It worked for us then, but in the long term, we knew it would be unsustainable.

The confidence in our workers’ compensation program was formidable and we knew it could help others be just as successful. We saw an opportunity to start an insurance company to serve the staffing industry where we could share our program for success.

Our experience and adversity served us well in creating Work First. We knew staffing firms struggled to maintain workers’ compensation insurance – we had experienced this trouble ourselves. But we had something other staffing firms did not. We had an effective system to manage the risk. We had something to offer. We discovered a way for an insurance company to meet the needs of staffing firms. Work First was born.

Since 2005, we have been successfully meeting the needs of temporary staffing companies everywhere. Our success is not solely attributed to the temporary staffing firms of whom we serve. The model that drove our success then has been adapted to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry as well.

We strive to leave a legacy in all of the industries we serve. Our model allows us to offer not just insurance, but a loss prevention program that reduces injuries and improves operations. Plans to further increase our reach to other industries aren’t just on the horizon. They’re just around the corner.


Core Values

Core Purpose
We believe that work is an essential component for a successful life and we exist to use our expertise to foster employment.

Core Values

  • Insurance is simply a vehicle – our real business is delivering solutions designed to improve the operations of our insureds
  • Innovation for the benefit of our insureds and because it is just plain fun
  • A fundamental respect for the worth of the individual whether that individual is an employee, insured, broker or claimant
  • Absolute moral and financial integrity